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Smartphones Need a Mobile Address for a Mobile World

There are hundreds of thousands of products, services, plans, accessories for the smartphone sector. Over 1.1 billion smartphones and 5 billion mobile phones exist on the planet. This mobile transformation changes the way we work, play, think and live our daily lives. Users need shorter condensed urls or web addresses for their mobile devices.

The iPh.com site features a ‘Mobile Address for the Mobile World’ currently available to select smartphone providers. When you see a link to the iPh.com address you know it is a:

  • Short 3 Digit URL (Address)
  • International (it’s a .com)
  • Recognizable Address
  • Easy to Remember
  • Probably a great deal (Such as new smartphone for $0 or $1 down)

Share Quality Content

All links to an iPh page (example: iph.com/3x4b or iph.com/att/x1) that is shared with your friends, family or colleagues from the iPh.com site are from pre-approved merchants and advertisers. The iPh team has an approved group of merchants and advertisers that have both approved iPh as an affiliate. We utilize a heavily scrutinized network known as affiliate management that filters our junk sites and junk merchants that do not feature worthwhile content.

Affiliate Managed Networks

We proudly utilize the platforms of our affiliate management partners to streamline new merchants and advertisers to feature the top 1% of products and services to you our site users.


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